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Better Tree Cutting - Newton's Trees!


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Basically, here's the deal - make Logs and Leaves into falling blocks that do a bit more damage than Sand and Gravel do - but make Logs drop four Wood Blocks, which resemble a quarter of a Log akin to the quarter-block Greatwoods, and are crafted at a ratio of 1:1 into Planks. Wood Blocks would not be gravity blocks, but could be crafted into regular Log blocks at 4:1.

And that's it. Treefelling will be greatly improved, and the fact that gravity blocks have to 'update' before falling, that would make it even better - cut down the root block, the entire trunk falls down a bit, and any branches and/or Leaves will fall down too.

So - anyone want to make this? I'm thinking it would make a great replacement to Timber! or Treecapitator, because it would bring back the usefulness of the Axe of the Stream and the Chainsaw, which was removed when Treecapitator was added.

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Don't bump unless you actually have new information. Your suggestion has been seen and noted, and it isn't a new one. People have been talking about wanting this long before technic even existed.

Okay, sorry.

I know this isn't a real excuse, but I use the MCForums alot and I know now that the rules are alot better enforced here than they are over there. I won't do it again.

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