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[REQ] LB Photo Realism


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i'm of a mind with plannb, i'd love the look of a nice high res texturepack [256 or 512] to go with the lb minecraft pack. mixing the lb pack with the sphax tekkit expansion unfortunatley yeilds weird results [grass with the side of lb the the top of sphax etc]

edit: ok, so after some messing around manages to get rid of the strange textures, basically atm i've got the lb textures for all of the vanilla stuff and sphax textures for the tekkit stuff. its a bit weird but at least:

a. you dont have to look at vanilla machines

b. there are nice recogniseable sphax textures for machines so i can recognise whats what [i cant work with vanilla textures for most tekkit components]

thus far the only noticeable things i've encountered are the obvious differences [such as a mix of iron on lp and reinforced stone in a building] and some tekkit specific devices seem to be using a mix of sphax and lp textures in the 1 block, redpower logic seems to be a big culprit, eg a timer will have a sphax base, but the rest made up of lp. it looks not too bad actually

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