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  1. Mike are you saying use the most current version of Dynmap with Tekkit?
  2. Did anyone ever respond or solve this issue with Towny? We've attempted to do the same thing and it is creating an error that we're not sure how to solve. INFO Error could not read protection.switch_ids from config.yml
  3. I cannot for the life of me find older versions and we're having a problem with the one that is supposed to work for Tekkit. The mobs keep spawning in towns even though mobs are toggled off. I'm looking for version 0.81.0 if anyone has a place I can download that let me know please.
  4. Bukkit has new new rules? Interesting. I did find that PalmerGames link but wasn't sure if they were going to keep publishing it. It's also removed from curse. Is curse / bukkit all one component?
  5. I don't know of anyone has noticed but the towny plugin has been removed from every source I could find to download it. I was wondering if someone would be so kind as to either tell me where my son can download it for our home server we're playing on, or share their towny.jar and any other towny files associated with the plugin. There is the link for those wishing to verify that information.
  6. LOL yeah like I said he's a young kid who is a bit overzealous. I told him and he was all embarrassed. It is what it is, and yes TekVentures is the server we're on.
  7. It wasn't a post to be let onto the server. He was thinking that this forum was only for the server we were on not an entire tekkit message board. So basically he's just a kid who acted prior to reading. Shocker right?
  8. He's my son and I expected to do the same thing so I'm not some young kid and I was about to do it too. I've spoken to him and I re-read the rules so he'll be better from now on.
  9. Has there been any advancement on this? I like the photo realism texture pack and would be willing to help out but I don't know where the files for the Tekkit pack reside but I'm capable.
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  11. Gotcha. I just wasnt sure because I've been on other places we've played introductions were required.
  12. I'm a little confused by the follow ups here. When we're new to the boards and want to post a little bit about us should we not start a topic but post in an already started topic? If so, I'd love to know where that topic is, as there are hundreds of forums with hundreds of topics on here and I couldn't find the correct one to post in as well.