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Massive Lag only in certain area


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Hi all,

so a few weeks a go, i started to host a tekkit server on my local machine (i5 @4,5ghz 8gb ram, 2,5mbit upload) and played with 2 friends.

We built some buildings and under the earth i started sorting-, automated macerator-, furnace-systems.

One room (64x64) previously cleared by an quarry, has been completely filled with white lamps, floor, walls, roof.

Now since some days when entering this area, it doesn't matter if standing under the earth in this room or just above in an building it just lags extremly.

When walking away from this area it runs at high fps and very smooth again.

My question:

What causes this enormous lags? Is it just all the pipes and sorting machines and stuff, or just the massive amount of lights?

I read that timers are the biggest source for lags so i increased the timers for sorting machines and the cooling systems for reactors from 0.2 to 0.7 and i can't say for sure if that changed a lot...perhaps a bit.

I thought it is due to my hardware so i moved the server to a gaming hoster, gbit connection up/down and stuff but it is still the same...everytime you enter this area it lags like shit.

So whats the problem? Too much pipes and technic in the same place + all the lamps? Is there any way i can do an analysis what causes the lags?

Thanks for any help

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Are you using buildcraft pipes or redpower2? buildcraft pipes/redstone engines tend to lag things a bit in bulk. I ran a test on SMP where I was running a 25 redstone engine setup autocrafting HV solar arrays and the server TPS had dropped down to 10 and switching off the factory engines restored the TPS to 20. I rebuilt the entire factory using redpower2 to fix the problem. worth trying turning off all the engines to see if this reduces the lag in the area

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With lag i meant massive fps drops like from 1xx to 12fps. We figured it out. The problem was the lamps. We had a whole from a quarry and filled the floor, the walls and the roof completely with white lamps. Took me 5 hours to install all lamps and another 2-3 hours to remove all the lamps XD yeah...but now everything is still fine again.

Pipes and stuff doesn't seem to be any problem. At the weekend i built a pretty big hv-solar panel factory (1hv-panel every 8 minutes) and in this area i have still decent fps (arround 40-50). I previously read a lot and only used redpower pipes, filters and timers).

And i will never use those buildcraft pipes again..not only because they are causing lag, just because the aren't that smart as pneumatic pipes when it comes to full chests and stuff.

Thanks for your time and help guys.

Currently i'm looking for another very very big projekt (factory) any ideas? I thought about a full automated klein star omega factory. I know actually you don't really need a lot of them but i pretty like creating complex stuff and factorys.

Any cool idea?

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