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Can't find diamons


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this is how to make a diamond

make a coal ball wich is 8 coal dust surrounding 1 flint

then compress it to get a compressed coal ball

surround an brick block/iron block with 8 compressed coal balls, this wll make a coal chunk

then compress the coal chunk to get a diamond

(this is tested and it works)

did none of you ever heard of this way? 0.0

this is how i make diamond factorys the fun way but its just a good way of getting your diamonds

Full article at:


You can also use obsidian instead of an iron/brick block to make a coal chunk.

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that would be unlogic as heck :facepalm:

this guy needs a diamond becuz he cant find one

you can only get obsidian with a DIAMOND pick or higher

its pretty unlogic wont u think?

Not true. Blockbreakers can break obsidian, and they only need an iron pickaxe. You can also craft obsidian from two lava cells and two water cells.

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