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frame motors stopped working

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So I've been building a castle in tekkit, and I use frame motors and a redpower computer to make a big door go up and down, part of the floor pull out and tables and chairs come from the floor, and all of that works fine. I now added a retractable bridge and after successfully opening and closing it fully twice, the third time it only pushed out 7 out of 9 blocks, and now the motor that's supposed to push it forwards stopped working for no apparent reason (there's plenty of power in the battery box and nothing else has changed)

and after reversing the other engine, it too has stalled in the same way.

I also stripped away every block that attached to the bridge, except the motors so it's definitely not attached to other blocks, getting stuck that way.

I tried removing/replacing the motors, adding another battery box closer to the motor, manually operating the thing, restarting the server, but nothing seems to work.

Anyone have an idea what the problem could be?

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