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From Tekkit to Technic


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I started a Tekkit singleplayer map a while ago and got far into it. So far that it would be too much for me to rebuild everything. But then I noticed... Technic is basically singleplayer Tekkit but with more mods. So now I'm wondering (since I'm playing singleplayer either ways) if it's possible to in some way "convert" a Tekkit map to Technic.

Anyone got any ideas? Any help is much appreciated! ^^

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Short answer no.

Long answer to follow...

EDIT: The major issue is the Block ID's. They are different in the two mod packs so if you were to simply move your saves folder, you would have mixed up blocks and many items would be broken or the wrong item. The second major issue is the difference in mods. Technic has many more mods than Tekkit and often they have differences in the update versions. (Technic may have a mod that is version 1 but Tekkit has already updated to version 2)

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Yeah, but I've made a lot of stuff and it would take a long time to get it right. If I'm going to do that I'd have to want Technic pretty darn bad. This might happen if you can answer this question: Can you make some kind of automatic coffee beans farmer? Thanks. ^^

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