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Blockland - Badspot kicked my dog!


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"Blockland: That game where you build stuff!"

So today, I noticed, The Arcade was missing this good game: Blockland. What you do is you build stuff, or even set up events (What events do is they make blocks do stuff such as explode.)

The Site | Return to Blockland (Suggested addon)

Price: $20

But I must warn you, just like Garry's mod, the fourms has a terrible community.

To end this thread, some pictures and videos:


Offical Channel


Be sure to look for me :D I am Skylar15.

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As a member of the blockland forums, and someone who got a key around v15ish, I can tell you that its a great game.

However, if you are on a mac, it would be more advisable to get gmod as this game tends to conflict with OS-X's way of rendering shapes and particles, so it causes more kernal panics then gameplay in my experiences.

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