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1.4 Already?

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At this rate, with Mojang not giving a chance to update our mods and advancing to 1.4 already and 1.5 is well underway, we are f*cked! Tekkit/Technic could not be updated because certain mods (EE3, RedPower), were not available at this stage. Also, introducing the new LAN support in 1.3, also caused most of the mods a whole re-write and some mods (Mo' Creatures and Mo' Creeps) couldn't even get to the release stage.

Many people believe Tekkit has gone brain dead because of this, although, it's not really the end of the world. Maybe when Mojang stop updating, and give us a break, Tekkit will hopefully be revived again.

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Ae you a modder? Do you know how mods work? No, so STFU, cause you have no idea what you're talking about. IC2 already has a working version ready for 1.4.2, as do several other mods. 1.3 completely overhauled the game engine, merging SSP and SMP, which is the reason it is taking so long for many mods to get a 1.3.2 release out. Nor ally, it does not take two months to update a mod, especially when you have such a minor update as 1.4. The only ones that mess up mods are ones that overhaul the game engine, like 1.8.1 and 1.3 did.

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