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Diamond Generator without EE?


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Yes, IC2 and Buildcraft provide what you need.

You'll have to feed it with obsidian (which can be made in an auto crafting table out of water cells and lava cells), flint (which can be macerated from gravel), and coal dust (which can be macerated from coal). Set up an assembly line with the following steps:

0. (Optional) Auto Crafting Table: 2 lava cell + 2 water cell = 1 obsidian

1. Macerator: gravel/coal = flint/coal dust

2. Auto Crafting Table: 8 coal dust + 1 flint = 1 coal ball

3. Compressor: 1 coal ball = 1 compressed coal ball

4. Auto Crafting Table: 8 compressed coal ball + 1 obsidian = 1 coal chunk

5. Compressor: 1 coal chunk = 1 diamond

This can be made pretty compact if you do it right. You can probably get away with 1 Macerator, 1 Compressor, 2 Auto Crafting Tables (3 if you synthesize Obsidian), 1-2 chests and some redpower filters/tubes.

On average, if I let machines mine for me (Quarry/IC2 Miner), and invest all coal into this (you can still make torches from cheap charcoal), this roughly doubles my diamond income. The IC2 miners are neat because with an adjacent pump they will even "mine" lava lakes into lava cells, giving you what you need to synthesize Obsidian at home.

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or you could get a mass fabricator, maybe hook up a quarry producing scrap and feeding the mass fabricator, with one high voltage solar array, you get enough power to easily sustain the mass fabricator. Then all you have to do is hook up an elaborate mechanism turning uu-matter into diamond.

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Doesn't have to be very elaborate, one automated crafting table will do :P

The coal converter machine is cheaper to build and maintain, though. Therefore it's the better option early-game. Also note that the HV array that Mojo suggested will cost a minimum of 1536 coal, which you could be converting into 24 diamonds instead. And that's not even counting the other materials, such as the over 5000 refined iron bars...

But, ultimately nothing keeps you from doing both :p

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