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  1. I was just wondering if anyone knows if Buildcraft's Basic gates can interact with Railcraft Multipart tanks. I did some testing and it seemed to me like they didn't. Just looking for some confirmation as I can be a bit derpy sometimes.
  2. Anyone know the best way to make ALOT of the same block (say, marble). Kind of like you used to be able to in the old EE.
  3. i believe you can use aluminium wiresas long as you connect them to the right side of the solar arrays
  4. try searching for nether platinum ore, I don't know the exact numbers but i know I find it easier to find than platinum in the over world.
  5. If you have any new and exciting idea's of how to keep creepers and more mobs out of my base. Please note I am not extremely rich, and do not have bulk recourses. My base has a waterfall entry, which means you walk through a waterfall to get into my base. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!
  6. I Have a fix, If your fn+cmd+f11 does not work go into system preferences, go into keyboard, keyboard shortcuts and untick the box that says f11 show desktop (ticked by default) and hey presto no more upsidown.
  7. thank you so much guys, I' still a bit of a noob at all these new mods so if you have any good tutorials on Ae networks or energy tesseracts please post them, Thanks.
  8. With the growing amount of machines in the new updates there is a large need for redstone energy conduits. I was just wondering is there an easy way to automatically produce the redstone in to go into one.
  9. Thx for all the help I think ill try dimensional Door's although riding a turtle sounds pretty cool too
  10. Im trying to make a cool looking elevator for my epic home, I would have used Red power's frames and frame motors but they have been since taken out, any idea's?
  11. i have the smeltery up and running but i still don't get how to use the 2 wooden (stencil table) & (part bench), If i'm right then you have to make a cast with them, put it on a casting table then pour metal on them? using the valve things and drain.
  12. Okay, so i have my slime crystals i looked at the book and saw you can make cool as slime tools, but i'm having trouble casting them. Can anyone give me a hand?
  13. I just figured it out, I had medium voltage going to the extractor not low, I didn't no it only took low.
  14. I'm in the middle of making my high voltage solar array factory on my tekkit server and i made a centrifuge extractor to turn resin into rubber, but when i give it power it doesn't turn on, I also tried putting a red stone torch under it I didn't put this in the bug section because i was afraid it was a problem I wired it up. If you have any idea's on what i did wrong than please tell me.
  15. or you could get a mass fabricator, maybe hook up a quarry producing scrap and feeding the mass fabricator, with one high voltage solar array, you get enough power to easily sustain the mass fabricator. Then all you have to do is hook up an elaborate mechanism turning uu-matter into diamond.
  16. Just wondering is there a quick way to get hops, I really want to make beer but, Iv'e been trying for so long to crossbreed hops, but still only stickreed and the iron plant.
  17. you need an iron block under the farmland with crossbreeding crops to make the iron plant, it drops iron bars, same with gold, except it drops nuggets.
  18. I do believe You can grow gold nuggets and iron (in some form) on ic2 crops, but I have no idea where you got redstone and uu matter from.
  19. I know the mod won't work for tekkit, but word it work in the latest technic?
  20. This look's great you and your team did a really good job, just a bit of constructive advice, only if you want to, could you make the antimatter relay and energy relay look a bit more like 'glowstone', but other than that Great work :D
  21. Please read CourageosEmu's post bruvvy
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