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Friends can't join my server!


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Hello guys,

Sorry for my bad english, but i'm 12 years old and i come from Holland (Europe)

I have a Tekkit server and I can join it, but my friends can't join it!

This are the server properties:

#Minecraft server properties

#Fri Oct 12 15:10:25 CEST 2012























I have the plug-in's:



I have the newest java (7)

My friends have the error that my server is timed out.

I have port forwarded and disabled my firewall and anti-virus.


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for hamachi before you start the server you need to make sure that the server will bind to the hamachi adapter

best way to do this is to adjust the metic setting on the hamachi adapter and your normal adapter

Network Sharing Center > Adapter Settings > Right Click the adapter > Properties > selcet ip4 or ip6 depending on what you are using > Properties > Advanced at the bottom of the new window > unclick automatic metric > set hamachi to 1 your other adapter to 10 or higher

disable the firewall on the hamachi adapter and give it a try

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Well, from your OP I can tell you're giving them the right IP.

Note that when you set a static IP, your IP might change a little bit. I will try to connect, maybe your friends are having connection problems?

the OP has stated that he is used hamachi, a address is generally always hamachi and as part of a vpn will not be adressable from an outside source, unless additional static routing has been placed to do so.

when a program attempts to bind to a network adapter it will always try to bind to the one with the lowest metric hence my last post to the OP, another option is to use forcebindip instead of metric but adds extra lines to startup scripts

generally when dealing with vpn connected clients are given a static ip or a dynamic ip with a very long duration

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here is a few video tut's on the matter


i think you may be missing the point of using hamachi for a server, typiclally you do not need to do as much port forwarding since it is a vpn, also portforwarding can be drastically different depending on what router you are using

http://portforward.com/routers.htm has a walkthrough for most, just pick the router manufacturer model and even the program you are wanting to forward for and it will tell you, step by step

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A 192 IP is a network IP address. Go to http://www.whatismyip.com/ and use that IP address. This is your public IP address, and what you will need to give your friends in order for them to connect. Depending on your ISP, this can change from time to time. You don't have to use Hamachi. Hamachi is just a 3rd party vpn, which doesn't give you any advantage for RAM. Port forwarding can vary depending on your router, the best way to get a walk-through on port forwarding is to go directly to the manufacturers website. This is the video I used to set up my Tekkit server

Hope this helps!
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