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Problem with Big Reactors


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So, I built myself a turbine and a reactor to actually power the turbine with steam. Problem is I can't seem to find a way to make my reactor make more milibuckets per tick. Cause no matter what I do... I can't figure out how to speed up the actuall transfer of water into the reactor. I always end up with like 10-100mb/t. Since BC pipes allow me to transfer maximum of 80mB/t (obsidian pipes) I don't really know what to do. Oh and I don't know how to "pump" the water so fast... I'm a beginner after all :) I'd be happy if someone helped me out... It's really annoys me. Thanks ^^

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Sorry, reading comprehension fail.

Not very familiar with what mods are available in Legends, though it I do know it lacks all my favorite mods for items and fluid transfer.

It does have Bluepower, and that mod has fluid moving blocks. Try that one and see.



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