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OK here goes,


I have my 2 turbines both 9*9*16 both producing 24069 rf/t powered by a reactor each both 7*7*4, X shaped rods.


I have found that I cannot use all the power it produces and cannot store any more. If I turn off the reactors/turbines my power stores drain fairly quickly when outputting at max.


Is it possible and if so how, once the power storage and buffer is full can I limit the the yellorium usage in reactor and keep the turbines spinning but without producing power or over spinning them so that when power is needed again I don't have to wait for turbines to spin up.


Hope you understand what I mean and I hope its possible.

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I think there is such a feature on the roadmap, but not implemented yet in either 0.4 (for Minecraft 1.7.x) or 0.3.4 (last 1.6.4-based version).

You can try and control your reactor with either Redstone signals or ComputerCraft, just add the respective port to it and figure out how it works. ComputerCraft may be tricky, because we are in the middle of the CC1.5-to-1.6 transition. In recommended Tekkit (1.2.9e), we are still on CC1.5, but the BigReactors version may refuse to work with that. The 1.2.10c beta includes CC1.6, but that is not completely stable, and may still be revoked due to compatibility issues. I daresay you are better off right now with some Redstone-based solution, like pulsing the Reactor, or make it turn on only when a certain buffer Energy Cell is depleted.

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