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Tekkit Lite and Grief Prevention


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Hi all,


After lots of searching im at the end of my tether and need some help. My friends and I are running a tekkit lite server but we would love to have Grief Prevention running and I know it conflicts with mods and stuff so Im wondering has anyone done it or know of a guide to what to turn off to let it run. As we just put it on its running ok but is buggy as there are conflicts but we dont know where exactly so any help at all would be great as we watched guides and read forums till were blue in the face and this post is a bit of a last resort.


Thanks for your time



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I have griefprevention set up on a TekkitLite server (along with PermissionsEx and TekkitCustomizer) which as been running for nearly three years with no real troubles. If you are still having troubles, and are still interested, respond here and I'll put something together for you to try.

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