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I just set up a tekkit server and would like to make it so you can only use the not enough items mod for recipes. I really don't want people to just take whatever they want out of there. If it makes a difference, I rented the server from Fluctis, so it may be a bit different. Thanks in advance!

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I'm pretty sure Tekkit out of the box prevents you from using NEI cheat-mode unless you're opped

If for some reason this doesn't work you can edit the NEIServer.cfg file in your config folder

Look for the section like..














You can put NONE for any of the fields to prevent anyone from using that feature

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Best way as there is a bug for nei server-side. NEI - Ability to spawn items fix http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/nei-server-mod-permission-check-exploit-fix.11032/ is to just remove the nei zip file in your mods folder. it wont stop people seeing the recipes, but will stop the click and spawn 64 of the object you would have to use the old GIVE command.

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