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[1.7.10] DatPackRedux [PvE][20 Slots][Low-key relaxed]

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DatPackRedux is the latest instantiation of our "big" pack. While there are a lot of mods in the pack, there are multiple different paths to world domination including magic, industrial, and high-tech. Significant effort has been made to maintain balance between mods and to disable or nerf features which trivialize major aspects of other mods.

CircleCraft is a family of servers with a diverse but welcoming community. We have folks of all ages and from all walks of life. Stroll on by and check the place out. If you like what you see then stay a while and enjoy yourself.


Servers: We have multiple servers with linked chats to help keep the community together regardless of which server players choose to inhabit. The TekkitLite server is sort of our "hub".

DatPackRedux Server: datpack.circlecraft.info (Custom Pack)

Tekkit Lite Server: tekkitlite.circlecraft.info

Tekkit Legends Server: legends.circlecraft.info


Website: www.circlecraft.info



  • Thermos
  • Starting kit with tools and food
  • Major Plugins: Essentials, GriefPrevention, ForgeRestrictor, Better Alias, CraftIRC
  • Dynmap
  • Multiple ranks with increasing rights and privileges
  • Unique "Titles" for particularly noteworthy achievements
  • Like all CircleCraft server there are no donations, advertisements, etc.


  • No griefing. Should be obvious, but for a general rule, if your grandmother would be disappointed with you after finding out what you did, you probably shouldn't do it.
  • No asking for any rank over Veteran. Period.
  • Keep chat friendly. Swearing should be limited to exclamations, not directed at anyone.
  • Any exploitation of bugs or glitches will be dealt with harshly.
  • More details available at spawn.


  • If you can see another player's base, ask them before building
  • Nothing visually offensive (you know what I mean)
  • Know your tech! Poorly designed systems or builds which may produce server lag will be dismantled.
  • Feel free to build with others. However, if you trust someone on your claim and they subsequently take some of your stuff, that's going to be mostly on your head.

If you have questions in game, don't hesitate to ask someone. We are trying to maintain a friendly experience and everyone participates as they can. If everything seems to your liking just stroll on out to play. Just because you don't see someone online doesn't mean they aren't there since the chats are linked so feel free to ask questions at any time.

Feel free to post questions or comments in this thread about any of the servers.

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