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Block ID removal Plugins


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I think it would be simpler to download a plugin that puts permissions/bans for certain items on bukkit (I am sorry, don't know much of their names I just know my server uses that and for example nobody can craft RM/DM tools or if u right click with a cell on a lava source block, though lava cell is banned, you can't still use it because if you try to pick it up in your inventory it will not let you. You will have to die to get rid of that lava cell)

There's also a mod called CustomEMC if you by any chance wanna change EMC value of an item so it won't be so overpowered.

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Erm, well its mostly that I need to get rid of things like the lava amulet and nuclear bombs; I used to just leave it all in, but people keep joining that aren't mature enough to not go around blowing crap up and covering things with lava.

Anyway, I need a plugin that just let's me enter it item ID's of things I don't like, and poof their not in the server inventory. Does anyone know of a mod like that?


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