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  1. I think it would be simpler to download a plugin that puts permissions/bans for certain items on bukkit (I am sorry, don't know much of their names I just know my server uses that and for example nobody can craft RM/DM tools or if u right click with a cell on a lava source block, though lava cell is banned, you can't still use it because if you try to pick it up in your inventory it will not let you. You will have to die to get rid of that lava cell) There's also a mod called CustomEMC if you by any chance wanna change EMC value of an item so it won't be so overpowered.
  2. So just youtube logo or do you want subscribe button as well ? got any style suggestions for the logo to be like (technical, modern, medieval, scary etc) ?
  3. My idea is to just disable mk3 collecters and leave people with a limited amount of mk2 collecters or make them donate to server to use mk3 collecters. Mk3 ARE op , mk2 are strong as well but they aren't that strong. With my 1 mk2 flower with mk2 relays i got around 16RM in 1-2 days, that wasn't quite much (i didn't have an anchor tho)
  4. Basically I have some great challenges for advanced people. For me, End-Game tekkit doesn't truly exist. There exists a way to it though ! With that kind of thinking logic, you will notice that tekkit has millions of possibilities, unlike vanilla minecraft where u slay a dragon and gg wp now u can sandbox all game. Basically in my opinion there are many stages in tekkit, which determine the learning order and the way you are capable of combining different mods ( I hope you will get what i mean just in a second) . (I won't include all mods in stages btw, like Railcraft for example) 1st Stage is EE[Equivalent Exchange]. Nothing hard there just crafting and being op ( BUT NOT A GOD ) 2nd Stage is BC[buildCraft]. So here i explain stages. Once you've learnt EE , you know that u can have collecters. Once you know BC, you know you have cool pipes, engines and quarries, which can help you forget collecters for the first part a bit and experiment. With these 2 stages being known, you can just pump out stuff form 1 chest into other from a condenser pretty simply without any problems (Well, I won't be explaining here detail to detail. I just give simple examples) 3rd Stage is IC2[industrialCraft]. Yes, now you know how you can pump the contents out of your EMC flower into chests and create items automatically through automatic crafting tables (BC). Next part is IC2, it is not really hard to learn but maybe sometimes a bit complicated to memorize everything. Knowing IC2, BC and EE, you will be probably making your first non-collecter machine called "Blaze Rod Macerator" which you would totally love and stuff . But not only that of course, I can tell you that the combination of these 3 mods is already good enough to create factories (My first fully automated factory was Solar Panel Factory). Now to the next part 4th Stage is RP[RedPower]. Now , if you will fully learn this mod, I can say you know more than a majority of the tekkit. The redpower that I am talking about is the one in tekkit, with all add-ons like Computer Craft and stuff. Also the tubes man, the tubes ! I might be regretting not knowing of them when i was at Stage 3 or 2 MAN! No more overflow of coal dust or glass in your solar panel factory ! Now once you have tubes, you are feeling like a mastermind of mega factories with 0 overflow and 100% efficiency! (My last 2 solar factories (1 being LV , second being MV) are fully on tubes and I love them) This mod, redpower, alone on it's own isn't as much fun as it is with those 3 other mods named above. This would be though not a full last tier but lets say around middle-tier if you only need to know the tubing (still, once you've read this thread, you know that you need BC only for simple stuff and tbh, pipes, unlike tubes, connect to practically every machine and thing in ic2, tubes tend to bug out and not connect to some sources) That's as much as I can tell you about the good order of getting to know tekkit. =) (This is all from my experience, not a professional teacher nor tekkiter, just love helping people)
  5. go into Options. and clear cache. this should do a fresh install (Don't forget to backup your worlds and stuff) . Also, don't update the minecraft client manually to 1.4 if you did it. the tekkit doesn't follow all minecraft updates up to date, it takes a lot of time . It's better if u install the latest tekkit version and just keep it that way. Don't modify anything in the .technicpack/tekkit folder (Except if you wanna add other version of optifine then it's all good). Of course if you understand how this stuff works then you shouldn't listen to me about changing files in folder.
  6. also I noticed that technic pack is using new transformers mod, which is more complicated (thus more enjoyable) than Energy link , and much more expensive. I hope tekkit will have it soon, since it's the real deal compared to the current mega cheap energy link. But for now Energy Link is the safest thing to power a quarry with in tekkit.
  7. a good way to power a quarry is also energy links (sorry for going a bit off-topic)
  8. The one who made the pack is Jetstorm, thread was done by FTWBurn. If jet has something new he can make a post himself or just posts in this thread.
  9. hmm new stuff looks nice. did u cheat mob spawners or is there any legit way too ?
  10. Well yeah, true sorry, Should have just said that if u need layout designs then you can ask me. My bad for trying to be somebody else .
  11. I apply for the position of Web Designer, tho i have to warn you that I can work only on photoshop, I can create you the design, but coding it all on a website isn't something I know yet.
  12. your site as in the site you are using to host your images. That site i meant, not the one u provided. Simply to say, my AV blocks ur totally fine Images because you hosted them on an untrusted site (For ESET NOD32). Not implying that this is your fault nor that you should re-upload them, I just noticed it so people will know why they might not see the images.
  13. Hmm nothing big going on other than an awesome door, what are these blocks that activate redstone signal on pistons ? Also my AV blocked off the site i had to temporarly disable it, just saying maybe more people will have same issue.
  14. imo emc values for everything ofc isnt the best, but for a lot of stuff that could use it, its quite good. sorry i didn't look much into config file but it seemed like mostly only IC2 stuff. am i wrong ? if not then could u maybe make some RP2/BC stuff recipes ? i really hate making those filters/redstone engines. Hope our server installs this thing =P
  15. I want a video (other than that its epic). ON topic tho, is it really that cheap ? i mean... 100 diamonds and so many HV's sounds strange to me
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