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Hello on begining i would say that i can't speak english very much then please don't ignoring me :(

How i can instal more mods to my teekit ? i try copy ZIP file to MODS, then i try copy all files to modpack.jar next simply instal to minecraft.jar

but allways minecraft is crash :(

I will instal mods like , logistic pipe, forestry , x-ray.

Please help me :(

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1.) Are you trying to mod a server, or just your client for singleplayer?

2.) Are you grabbing the correct version of the mods? They must be suited for Minecraft 1.2.5.

3.) Are the mods compatible in the first place? Logistics Pipes for example only exists as a singleplayer version for 1.2.5, you cannot use it in multiplayer Tekkit. Also note that you cannot install any mods that require ModLoader.

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Mod installation will vary by the mod but in general what you want to do is find a bukkit compatible version of the mod

Usually it will come with two files, a zip for clients and a zip for servers which you should add to their respective "mods" folder (look in your appdata folder for client files)

If you don't have access to the server files, there's no way to install something like forestry or logistic pipes

I guess also you should make sure you get the mod for the right version of minecraft (1.2.5 for tekkit currently)

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Alright. Then make sure your Technic launcher is set to load Technic, not Tekkit. Technic is the singleplayer variant of Tekkit and comes with many additional mods, among them for example Logistics Pipes ;)

To install other mods like Forestry, download a Minecraft 1.2.5 compatible version of the mod and place it in the %appdata%\.techniclauncher\technic\mods subfolder. Pay attention to any other installation instructions that might come with the mod.

If this still results in a crash, please post the crash log.

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