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Yes, I did search. No, I didn't find anything.

If there is already a thread about it, please don't rage, just link me to there (if answered).


A while back I made an awesome city(spawn) on my old server, which was "vanilla" (Not really, since there were many plugins, hence the ""). Now, since I am switching from vanilla to tekkit, I uploaded my map to the new host, and found out that it replaces may things with mod items.

For example: Instead of wooden slabs, I now get energy collectors, or Nova Cataclysms. Instead of some blocks, I get air, leaving a giant gaping hole in my floor.

Is there any (easy) way to fix this?


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were you running spout on the 'vanilla' server? if you had any spout plugins which added additional blocks, the block IDs could be getting mixed up with some from the tekkit pack. sadly if you dont have a backup, and a list of the IDs affected, i am not sure there is much you can do.

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