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Teleport Pipe


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Are you talking about power teleport pipes, or item teleport pipes?

If power, you'll have to either setup relay stations every 100 blocks or so and use dimensional anchors or world anchors to keep them loaded.

If item teleport pipes then there isn't any loss, you just have to make sure both chunks are loaded all the time with the same anchors as above

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The problem with "Connected: 0" is that teleport pipes are bugged to all heaven and often don't work unless they're reasonably close together (and even then they randomly lose connections now and then). On my server we've never managed to get any teleport pipe (of any kind) to reliably work if it was more than 20-30 blocks away. And at that distance you might as well use normal pipes.

For long distance transfers we shuffle items, buckets and Industrialcraft batteries through Enderchests instead.

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