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Hi guys,

I am currently looking for a laptop to buy, to use for my Engineering classes once I go to college, and for gaming. My budget is 1000$ (without tax).

Some stuff I want:

8gb RAM

At least 1 gb graphics card

At least 500 gb hdd

A ssd for my OS and other things, don't care about the size but it needs to be big enough for windows 7

At least a 15.4-15.6" screen

Windows 7

I have been looking at sager (so far the best), and some other companies. If anyone has any suggestions please post!

p.s. Some cool things that I dont HAVE to have are a backlit keyboard with programmable colors, a webcam, a non-glare screen, etc.

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Don't do it! It's a trap!

Which is true, really. I always advise people not to go for gaming laptops because it's like wanting to go walking in death valley but not wanting to be hot.

So there are gaming laptops: that is, laptops that can run your games on maxed settings and turn those dials up to eleven -- but, they're expensive. I don't mean a grand expensive, I mean /really/ expensive. Like 3-4 times the cost of a desktop with identical capabilities. At least, if you want a gaming laptop that's a laptop and not a brick you lug around and won't overheat just starting up windows.

Ah yes, see you want portability, but also performance. Sorry, that's just not possible, even in the high end.

Look, so you have a laptop with gaming capabilities, how long can you game on it before the battery dies? An hour? two? Three, max. You could always lug around a spare battery, oh or a power cable. But that's just more stuff to carry around.

And what about a mouse, you're going to have to take that to carry around with you as well if you want to start up some FPS fun with your new shiny.

And then there's cooling, oh bother have fun with that. Higher voltage comes at a price, you know.

And then there's the fact it's a very expensive laptop that your dragging around on campus subject to who knows what kind of abuse and is your only computer -- not to mention the possibility of theft (get up to use the bathroom at your library and watch it disappear).


But you don't have that much to spend on a laptop. $1k? K, enjoy your $500 desktop performance on something that overheats, is bulky, and can't hold a charge.

I strongly advise to pick out a nice cheap, portable laptop or netbook, < $500 and spend the rest on a desktop that you can use for gaming. Why? Because you scrub it's far smarter to have two computers than one to begin with, and you'll get the same gaming performance without all of the problems mentioned above. You're really not going to be gaming in your classes, not if you're going into engineering (good luck :s).

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Thanks Sacrieur xD

I might do just that, but I won't have to worry about it for a year because of parents...

I ask to spend my money on a $600-700 desktop, and get a no.

I ask to spend my money on a $300 phone, which I would pay $45/month on for the bill, and I get a yes?


300 + 12(45) > $700

And then of course I am told that I don't know anything about financial stuff and to wait and see how real life is once I have to pay the bills ;)

Ill probably just not buy anything and save my money this christmas ;)

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