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Looking for Tekkit Expert...

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I am looking for a tekkit expert to come help me on my tekkit server to help with server map utilities (I.E. Power) and other various tekkit things. If you are experienced, and interested please fill out the form below.



How long have you played Tekkit?:

Scale 1-10 (1 lowest 10 highest) how experienced w/Tekkit are you?:

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I would love to help, as private servers are like single player just with someone esle.


Age:12 (not one of those whiny 12 year olds)

How long have you played tekkit?:i think it would be 1 year or so but not sure

Scale 1-10 how experienced w/Tekkit are you?:Ive got to say, its hard to rate yourself about something you know, but at least a 7 (probbaly more)

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14, voice sounds older though

Tekkit, since the yogscast started. However, I learned quickly. I am an expert on EE, buildcraft, baikons weapons power management, MASSIVE factory making and more. about 8-9. 10 if your generous.

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