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Plugin Experts Needed! *Crucial* (Quarries Not Working, RM Katar Griefing, and more)

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Let me start off by saying this.. I thought this whole server thing would be a quick and easy job. Long story short, I found out it wasn't. I am experiencing numerous problems with my server such as this; quarries not working, someone griefed my spawn with a red matter katar by right clicking with it fully charged in hand (even when protected by worldguard), and I can't fix the duplication glitches even with tekkitrestrict installed. Other issues not regarding tekkit are; I can't add custom tekkit items to Hyperconomy, and I can't keep users from using commands in shops to sell whats in there hand.

Here is a list of my plugins; WorldGuard/Edit, vault, tekkitrestrict, serversigns, protetionstones, ontime, mobdisguise, mcjobs, lwc, logblock, hyperconomy, factions, essentials/groupmanager, enjinminecraftplugin, coreprotect, coloredsigns, buycraft, automessage.

Basically if I fix all of these problems my server will be exactly how I want it, and anyone that can help me with these problems will be greatly appreciated. To contact me further my tekkit server ip is where we can get into more detail. Please if you are going to help, provide specific step by step instructions. Whoever helps me most will receive VIP on my server if you would like. :D

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