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Where's Minefactory Reloaded?


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I'm loving everything else about this modpack, but I'm noticing a distinct lack of Minefactory Reloaded. Is there a reason it wasn't included, or did it just get overlooked? I feel like it's almost as core of an industrial mod as IC2 and Buildcraft. I know I can just add it myself (and I did), but it's nice having it in the official release for ease of servers and updates and I'm sure I'm not the only one missing it either.

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I think tekkit legends is meant to be like tekkit classic just on a new version, because classic is sooo outdated that its really hard to customize anything (minecraft related stuff) I didn't played classic much, but it looks very similar, and if I remember right there was no such mods like MFR or Galacticraft which was mainly based on them in tekkiit 1.6.4

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