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[1.7.10] LoTRCircles [LoTR][PvE][20 Slots][Adventure]

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CircleCraft modpack anchored by the Lord of The Rings Mod with a few extra bits thrown in to enhance the adventuring experience. Log in and jump through The Ring to start exploring Middle Earth. If you haven't played the LoTR mod before, or have just been away for a while, there is so much new lore and enhancements that it is worth checking out.


  • Comprehensive world building in Middle Earth with quests and adventures.
  • Extra magical based mods to enhance the play experience.
  • Player claims to prevent griefing (if you want, you can even exclude people from your claims).
  • CircleCraft cross-server chat with the other CC modpacks.
  • Friendly, helpful community. Very low-key and relaxed.
  • Newly reset world (as of 02-10-2016).
  • Sphax Texture Pack (not 100% complete, but not bad).
  • Small number of mods so it plays well with only 1G of RAM allocated in the Launcher.
  • Like all CircleCraft server there are no donations, advertisements, etc.

Modpack: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/lotrcircles.255955

Server Address: lotr.circlecraft.info


  • For the most part, just don't be a butt. Be friendly and tread lightly.
  • No non-consensual PvP.
  • Don't build near other players unless you ask first.
  • Feel free to take things from NPC houses, but try not to just wreck the structures. This is supposed to be an adventuring world.
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