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Loading Chunks


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Hi Tekkiters !

Do you know a mean to load far chunks ?

Let me explain : I have a machine (a Pump, a Quarry, or whatever) that is set up somewhere far from my base, with Teleport Pipes connected to my base. In a manner that if I'm either at my base or near the machine, the one's chunks are loaded and the other's aren't, making the Teleport Pipes not to work.

My question is, does a way to keep the both chunks areas loaded at any time exists ? I've searched, but either noone has ever asked or I can't imagine the proper keywords...

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Ok, thank you ! I knew there is somethings that can do that, yet I didn't know which ones.

A Teleport Tether will keep 1 chunk loaded, a World Anchor a 3x3 chunks area and a Dimensional Anchor an area up to 9x9 chunks (and is adjustable).

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I have another problem now. Since it began when I started using chunkloaders, I think it might be related.

I have a Conductive Teleport Pipe for energy and a Waterproof Teleport Pipe for my Pump's output, both connected in frequencies to my base. But the pump is not working, even if my Teleport Pipes are well set up and of course the chunks loaded with the chunkloaders (I've tried with all 3 of them). Also, the Teleport Pipes are saying that something like 100+ others are connected to them, which of course is not. Is this caused by the chunkloaders ?

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