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Escape the abandoned jail!


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Hello I made an adventure map in tekkit it plays out in a jail (unfortiunately i dont use a real lot of the tekkit stuff its mainly for the red alloy wire and lamps.) Though the jail is not a normal jail as it is run down and everybody in the jail are zombies spiders creepers or skeletons. This is my first map and here are some rules.

Rule 1. Dont break any blocks. Spider webs can be broken but dont break any blocks.

Rule 2. Levers are keys. They are suposed to go on the golden blocks.

Rule 3. Almost all gold blocks have a number above them this number shows which key is suposed to go there. (If it is the first key you have found it goes on the gold block with 1 above it etc.)

Rule 4. Dont play with creative mode.

Rule 5. Dont take down levers from the walls they are suposed to be there and not to be taken down.

Rule 6. play on normal.

Here is the map -> http://www.mediafire.com/?gw2qznwn74jjdt0


Have fun :D

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I found the map enjoyable. I'm not gonna lie and say it was the best adventure map I've ever played, but especially for a first map it was pretty good.

+You intermittently used different blocks(cracked stonebrick).

+It actually did look like a prison. Do you know how many people make prison maps that don't look like prisons?

-The map started off in creative mode and it didn't allow a command line to make it survival. I had to go in and convert it manually.

-To get my first lever, I had to break the bed which violates rule #1 you made.

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