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Looking for a good whitelisted server


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I like playing tekkit, but not alone. I often get griefed on online servers, and I got banned for no good reason on my favorite server in which I had a successful city with friends and machines. Now that I'm banned, I looking for a server that has a small and friendly community, like if I were to play with friends. If you have room for anymore people in a private server, please whitelist me and give me the IP. I promise I won't grief
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Yo, you could always check out the...

whitelisted server section.

A good indicator of whether a server is safe for you to stay is the ratio of random conversation in the thread to people whining about their stuff getting griefed.

Other than that, judging a community will always take time. Find a server with your prequisite plugins etc. then determine whether the admin is an asshat or not.

Then just play for a while.

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