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[1.1.1] FrostyNexus - TekLegends [PvP/PvE][150 Slots]


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North America (US):

    Click here to visit our website

    Server Features:
    - Grief Prevention protection system
    - Daily fixes to try and prevent lag (Almost every server gets lag and we admit that we might lag from time to time but we are always working on improving)
    - High end hardware (We don't just rent hardware, we fully own our hardware 100%)
    - Rankup by playing (Join the website to get the 1st rank and rankup by playing (Every rank gets a daily kit))
    - Multiple modpacks (We host a variety of different modpacks from infinity to tekkit, and everything in between.)
    - Friendly, fair/helpful Staff (We have some high requirements set in place for players to even become staff)

    - No bypassing claims.
    - Keep your language appropriate (Racism and Sexual references)
    - Do not bypass our chat filter (doing so can result in a mute)
    - Don't exploit bugs! (Report them and get rewarded)
    - Don't use caps and don't spam!
    - Respect other players (Language)
    - If any base is considered to cause lag we have the right to either delete or modify it.
    - No bypassing afk timer.

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