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Very misleading topic? well get your mind out of the gutter.. Im trying to find someone or a few people with are new to the technic mod so I have someone to learn with. I have read most of the info on this movement(mod) but being more of a hands on person I will learn better by doing.

If anyone else is like this and wants to learn with me feel free to pm me . I don't want to go on a server and look dumb for not know all functions or how to make them work and would much rather experiment in a personal game.

I'm not really interested in anything but making this mod work for me and my builds . If I am in violation for posting this thread sorry but i did not see anywhere else to post this.

Thanks for your time

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If you are looking for a small group of people to play with (like 2-3 or whatever) then posting in this thread might yield better results for you.

Technic is not a mod, though. It's a modpack.

There are servers who treat people with respect, Protech, where I play on, is mostly filled with good guys 'n' girls.

I know little or nothing 'bout technic, but that doesn't stop me from hanging around this forum. So go fool around in the server sections and meet some people.

Your welcome

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