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Tekkit updates (newer versions of Minecraft)?


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The Tekkit team don't make the mods. They're not sitting on their asses doing nothing and being lazy, they need the mod makers to make the mods. Don't ask when it will be updated, you'll only be banned.

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Pardon me good sir, could you point me to the location of such build? and are there any server builds? Your final comment was a tad vague.

You can get the 1.4.2 version of Technic by selecting the Technic modpack(make sure you select Technic, not Tekkit). Press the Options button in the launcher, near the login details, then press Manual Selection. After that, just select the latest version of the modpack.

Be warned, this version does have a few mods missing such as Redpower and Thaumcraft 3.

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