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How much tekkit uses for limited data caps


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I just recently started using tekkit with my friend. I've only been playing it at his house though because at home I have a data cap for my internet which will soon be 40gb from 8gb. I would like to know how much data usage tekkit would take up with everything set at fast and nothing else changed and with only one person. Oh and playing like 1-2 hours of tekkit. Also I don't want the download needed to start tekkit I download updates at his house so it's no big deal. Thank you for your help.

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The data volume tekkit uses is very varying. To see how much data tekkit uses just press F3 all the info you need is in there. If that doesn't help, there are many Freeware Network Traffic meters to download those will show and count the allover traffic and the traffic a certain program uses.

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