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Hexxit Wont Launch


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Recently just downloaded Technic launcher, Was going to play attack of the b team but it didnt launch either then decided on Hexxit and it wont launch alongside tekkit etc.

I have two logs and i will provide both, at first i didnt have enough RAM so i fixed that and still wont launch.. my current situation is not being able to launch any form of modded minecraft from any launcher.. only able to use vanilla.

First file under logs...



Second file under logs..


Looks like its just repeating itself.. I have not been able to launch any of the games at all so hopefully the logs say something other than repeating :)

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On 4/6/2016 at 2:33 PM, Jesse612 said:

Yeah, after posting i decided too change it from 512m to 2g... the launcher says i can go up too 3.5 but not sure if i should change it too that or the java settings when i only have 4GB ram as it is. 

2GB would be enough for most packs.

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