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Star Wars Awakening + Server [1.7.10] [PvP]

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Modpack: Star Wars Awakening + Server

Hello, I am DmerFTW I have just released a server on my modpack today which features many custom features like a star wars custom campaign (WIP) I intend to also add fun plugins to fit the star wars theme. Some mods that are on this modpack are Parzis star wars mod, IC2, computer craft, optifine, custom npcs, Decocraft, and much more to come. I hope to make my server unique from others and if you have any suggestions either another mod(will be trying to add warpdrive btw) plugin or just something to add to the server in general you can either email me at [email protected] or just msg me on the server :D. I do need staff BUT I do not want people to just come on for that reason, I intend to make this modpack fun for everyone so people don't just have to look for getting a higher rank like Helper. Another thing that I will add to the Star Wars Awakening server is random strong holds, allow me to explain. I will build strongholds that hold valuable treasure but they strongholds will have guards. Also when I have Warpdrive I either intend to make a death star to give more of the star wars theme or just have a contest to see who makes the best death star. Like I said before I want to make this server and modpack very fun and unique and I would love to listen to any comments or ideas about the modpack or the server. Keep in mind also this server is a WIP so much more will be added shortly.

Note: Also if you never heard of Parzis Star Wars mod yes you can use the force in many different ways. Also there are vehicles as well :D.

Well I think that about wraps it up if you have any more questions just ask me on the Server or just email me at: [email protected] :D. 

Also here is the link to the modpack: http://technicpack.net/modpack/star-wars-awakening.831474


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