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No launch button


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Launch buttun replaced with install button, tryied to install it 4 time, it dont work.

Its the log of the touhou modpack, but it does the same with Blightfall.


[B#347] 2016/05/01 00:19:41 [GRAVE] java.io.FileNotFoundException: C:\Users\Maël\AppData\Roaming\.technic\modpacks\touhou-master-spark\bin\natives\avutil-ttv-51.dll (Le processus ne peut pas accéder au fichier car ce fichier est utilisé par un autre processus)

Edited out wall of log.

Edited by Munaus
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the last line in parenthesis means that your antivirus, or another security software, is scanning the modpack files.
the launcher cannot launch during this scan. Close the antivirus, firewall or whichever is causing this and try again.

Next time, post issues on Bug Reports. Locked

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