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[1.6.4]MajoraCraft[PvP&PvE][40 Slots][Majora_Craft]

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We are a new server with a custom ModPack that includes fun mods like Witchery, Thermal Expansion, Galactic Craft, Tinkers construct and over 100+ more! 
with many more additions that will make for a much better and more enjoyable experience
we are running 24/7, we have an economy, jobs system and a quest/dungeon system that is being worked on
that will be coming withing the next few weeks.
our server is now public only with a few small things being worked on.
with our excellent staff we make for a very unique and a one of a kind towny modpack server that is a Medieval/Fantasy themed with many randomly generator structures.


Server IP - MajoraCraft.serverminer.com

Teamspeak IP - ts88.gameservers.com:9111

Server site - http://majoracraftonline.enjin.com/

Technic modpack link - Majora_Craft

Server Rules include:

1. No Racism

2. Don't Be Rude To Staff or Players

3. English only in chat

4. Use common sense

5. Don't Abuse bugs

6. Don't beg staff members to be a staff / to get op / for items / or to be put in creative mode.

Some of many plugins the we include are:

  • Towny
  • McMMO
  • ChestShop
  • Silk Spawner
  • TimeIsMoney
  • Supply Crates 

and many more

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