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Burj al Arab - Skyscraper Project


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Hi everyone,

Sitting at the office this morning and thinking about what i could build next, i had the idea to build this one the, Burj al Arab:


The white fascade is illuminative, i want to realize that too.


And that is what my thread is about. The technical feasibility.

I once build lamps into an 64*64 quarry whole(about 12000 lamps). For the walls i used 1 redstone torch for each lamp. So at the end i had several thousand redstone torches too.

At the end, it was lagging like hell and you couldn't play in this area anymore.

Now the question, i guess i need less lamps for the fascade than i used for the quarry whole, nevertheless i wonder what whould be the best way to realize the lightning.

When filling the quarry whole, what do you think caused the lags? The amount of lamps or is it the huge amount of redstone/redstone torches?

Beside glowstone, does anybody have an idea, what would be the best way, to realize that? Are there any special mods for lamps or stuff that could be used here?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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