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[3.1.2]Rage MC[PvP/PvE][24/7][100+slots][Towny/Factions/Multiverse/Economy/Essentials][ALL mods]


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"Stable as hell xD"



IP of main server: play1.ragemc.com


  • No cheating
  • No spam/caps (antispam/caps present)
  • No begging for ranks and/or items
  • Do not exploit bugs and glitches, report/help with fixing them and get rewarded :)
  • Minimum swearing. Remember there are kids playing too!
  • "Dont be a moron... best rule ever :)"

Oh here is a graphical rules list:

p.s. Ignore the 1st one... its from the times when we had a slow temp server.



Tired of playing alone, tired of playing on servers that are crap and often go down in 1-2 months or have very weak uptime and lots of cheaters, so me and my friends decided to make our own server, a place where we could play and have fun.

Server is dedicated and 24/7 online (- downtime for maintenance)

On stable hardware (3.8ghz Xeon, 64gb ddr3 1600mhz, ssd, and dedicated 100mbps line, Los Angeles)

(Oh we have enough space to host another few servers xD)

We would like to see all kinds of players on our server :) we have Towny and Faction worlds) Lots of different plugins and other cool stuff including a shop at spawn with all in-game items. Something for everyone!

We are looking for good staff too!




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What exactly are the "typical blocked items?" And you can't craft banned items, right?

Sorry for the poor info on banned list (I know its essential for 80% of ppl) I'll update it asap, didnt have time to look thru while i was posting.

Hmm why is server offline??but anyway its cool and communiti is great but think u need more ranks and more staff.

thankyou, server was offline for an hour at the time you were posting this, a bit of reconfiguring :)

ranks are a work in progress, i am thinking thru a bit of an rpg system like a few (5 or more) free ranks you get after achieving some stuff... and the donation ranks ofc, no server can survive without donations ;)

more staff is a problem basically because we have experience with "corrupted" staff members... but we are always happy to read ur app on our website :)

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