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Tekkit won't launch in windows 10


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Okay, so my little brother just updated his pc to windows 10. After the update tekkit will not launch, when we click play the technic launcher dissapears for a little bit, like its about to launch, but after some seconds the launcher just pops up again And tekkit does not launch.I have tried evrything to fix this, delete and reinstalling the technic launcher, downloading the latest java, but nothing seems awork. This is not a problem i have on my pc, but its just in mye little brothers, so it propbarly has something with his pc to do. Would really appreciate some help 

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43 minutes ago, ketil.thorv said:

Thank you! But how do ido this is, it to much to ask for detailed guide? Like how to install and configurate. Thanks:)



Scroll down to Java8u25, Java SE Runtime, download the windows installer (x86 = 32 bit, x64 = 64bit)

You can set the used Java version in the Launcher Options (Upper right, under the close button of the launcher, go to Java Settings).

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