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What do you call a hard chunk to beat?


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Chunk Norris

You could also call it tower escape.The idea of this map came from the question: "How many puzzles and challenges can be crammed into a single chunk?"

Some Pictures:







This map was made and tested under Technic SSP 7.2.6 (only mod turned off was Mo’ creatures).

Mods that are absolutely necessary for the map to be played are Equivalent Exchange, Thaumcraft2 and Enderchest. Somnia(not necessary but highly recommended).

About the map:

This is basically a tower escape situated on a single chunk 0,0 to 15,15 and Y:0 to 255 it is divided in 16 levels(L1 …L16), you start out on L1 with some basic instructions and the question: “WTF how do I get out of here?”… All throughout the levels you are mildly guided by signposts.

Weirdly enough the challenges get easier and easier instead of harder and harder. This might be partially to a change of temperament I have suffered while creating this map. But mostly to the very nature of minecraft, the more materials you have, the more crafting possibilities and the less restrictions can be applied to the player.


This was meant to be played in peaceful. This is something to challenge your mind through decisions of what to build, where to build and in what order, not something to test your survival skills.

You can always try it on easy or harder but I don’t think fighting creepers with your bear fists is fair. But if you have the nerve of trying that out please do tell how it went :)


Peaceful, Survival, don’t switch to Creative, don’t spawn new materials into inventory.

However baking up is allowed and advised, no point losing a few hours of gameplay just because a single accidental jump into lava. That and the fact that the map has a few points in which you could screw things up and making it impossible to finish.

Simply exiting the game and using something like 7zip to quickly add to archive can save you some frustration.

Last Caution:

This map is neither easy, neither fun for those that don’t enjoy a good challenge.

If this is for you Download it here:


And enjoy beating Chunk Norris :)

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