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Other people can join my normal MC Servers but not Tekkit :/


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Although i have portforwarded manually, used Simple Port Forwarding, and used Hamachi, people simply cannot connect to my Tekkit Server. They can easily connect to my Bukkit Server and Normal MC Server using all of these port forwarding options.

yes, i tried putting the server ip, in properties, blank and with the ipv4 address.

yes, i know how to go onto and change the port.

yes, i used 25565 TCP/UDP

yes, we all do have the correct build selected.

yes, we have the Technic launcher unblocked via properties.

yes, i went into my advanced security settings and manually unblocked Minecraft.

i can connect easily but others can't.

help. :(

What my Properties looks like right now.

#Minecraft server properties

#Thu Nov 22 22:22:52 CST 2012


level-name=AKV Tekkit




















motd=A Minecraft Server

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Are you playing from the same machine as the server runs on? If so, it could be the firewall on the server itself. You mention unblocking the launcher but that has nothing to do with the server. Try disabling the firewall entirely on the server.

If you're not playing from the same server, does that server have normal internet access ok? Are DNS and it's gateway configured correctly?

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Well i have my entire firewall system off and it still doesn't work. i can try turning it back on. how do i disable it on the server? And yes i am playing on the same machine that the server is running on. It works fine for all my other servers when i do.(ex.Bukkit and Normal Server that i have) i didn't think it'd make much of a difference.

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When you say you can connect, are you connecting with local host or are you connecting via your public IP? Have you tried using a different port? (i.e. Use 25565 for regular Minecraft, 25566 for Tekkit) What is the error message they get when trying to connect? Does your console give you any error messages when they try to connect (like kick messages?)

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Yes, i have tried both ports and numerous others. i am connecting via localhost but i have also tried using my ipv4 address and that works too. The server doesnt even come up for them.(says its offline) No it doesn't say any error messages. They are connecting via my public(Online) ip which i find from ipchicken.com. i have tried recreating the tekkit server but it still doesnt work even though i followed the steps, step by step. My problem, i believe, is actually getting my port to be open because i checked on <http://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/> and it says that it isn't working. Its making me extremely angry. I even called my internet service provider and had them reset my connection to see if that works! Still no progress. :/ any ideas?

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If those ports were in fact closed, then no one would be able to connect to your regular mc server. The link you provided also shows my ports I use for MC to be closed, even though they are not. Having your ISP reset your connection is literally the same thing as unplugging your modem and plugging it back in. I'm really at a loss to help you, sorry.

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Well my firewall got disabled somehow so i fixed that. It should all be working....if someone would be willing to try to see if they could get onto it, that would help. i have a feeling it could be my friends' computers. my only problem is getting people to connect to my server because for them it doesn't show that its online at all.

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