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New Inventory Sorting

herby canopy

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Aloha, I think it would be great there was a mod coremod that would follow this logic.


1) get list of mods

2) Checks to see if said mod adds new items to game

a) Yes = Checks to see if said mod adds new creative mode tab

I) Yes = move to next mod

II) No = adds all items in said mod to its own tab and moves to next mod

B) No = move to next mod


Since there is no tabs in INV then maybe you could append a "tag" to the end of each of the items that tells the name of the mod that item came from. (IE "MFSV - IC2"). With this idea if you provided a config file that makes it so that they user can add mods and change the "tag" or you would get item names like "Power Teleport Pipe - buildcraft-client-DA-additionalpipes-3.1.0.zip".

Some thing simple in the config would be like this...warning bad pseudocode

mod name list (){


//name of mod file in your mods folder : tag for mod


buildcraft-client-DA-additionalpipes-3.1.0 : ADDPipes;


SecretRoomsMod+Forge-4.0.3 - SHHH;



What ever the whole idea is to make it so that the user has a easy way of knowing what mod each item comes from.

WARNING: some items like ore could cause issues so you would need an option in the config that would let you "skip".

Any ideas?

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Thanks for replying but the subset menu does not do any of what I was looking for. Like I said I was hoping to have a mod that is dynamic in what items it had and also the ability to take Items from said menu to you inventory is key too. Please do not get me wrong I am not expecting anyone to make this mod (or anyother) for me, I just saw a mod request area and though I would tell about my ideas I had and if a coder like it then great we all get a new mod to use if no one likes it then so be..lol.

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