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  1. I can confirm this is happening to me in 1.5.2 with Forge, CodeChickenCore, and NEI I also tried and failed to craft frames manually both with and without NEI installed. 1.6.2 is working fine. Forge log for MC 1.5.2 without NEI
  2. My brother, dad, and I crowded around the keyboard and played that game for months! I think we got to the moon twice. This and Donkey Kong 64 were the only multiplayer games we ever got into. Another great game was Chex Quest, a total conversion mod for Doom distributed with Chex cereal in the mid 90s. For some reason the level 5 music always freaked me out and I refused to beat the game for years. That didn't stop me from begging my parents to get dialup so I could download the sequel.
  3. That version of Vista supports up to 16GB of RAM. The 4GB problem you've heard of is related to 32 bit OSes. With a 64 bit system you could theoretically use 16 exabytes, but Windows and modern hardware limitations get in the way. That said, you should try to allocate physical RAM only. Readyboost is a fancy form of swap space that, while faster than your hard drive, takes ages to access from the CPU's perspective when compared to RAM. It can help if you're already hitting swap on your hard drive, but otherwise it's not worth it. Also keep in mind that Vista and any background processes will want their own RAM, so you shouldn't use all 4GB for Tekkit. I'm running a small FTB server on an old laptop with 2GB of RAM with the major bottleneck being my upload speed. With a couple people online it uses around 1GB. You should be fine with 2GB for yours, depending on how many people you play with. TL;DR Use 2GB for the server and 1-1.5GB for the client.
  4. phoenix987

    Airplane Mod

    This wouldn't be too hard to overcome. Make the planes entities like minecarts. You don't have to move everything in the plane because the plane is everything, minus players. To spawn them, you build them in the world instead of crafting table, similar to Railcraft's coke oven. That way you aren't magically placing them on the ground like in Flan's mods. You're overthinking the player disconnection part. When players log back in, they spawn where the server tells them to. Just have the server keep track of players that logged off in a vehicle and tie their spawn locations to that vehicle. If the vehicle no longer exists, kill them and send them back to their default spawn locations.
  5. Is there a reason you're not using 17? The Fedora Project doesn't support old versions for very long the last time I checked. Make sure you're using Oracle's Java and not OpenJDK. Use java -version in the console to check. You might have to use the alternatives console command to set the default JRE to use. If you're using Fedora's Add/Remove Programs to install things, use yum in the console instead. You should get better error messages that make your searches for help easier. Beyond that, Google is your friend. You really need to learn to use linux on your own instead of following step-by-step tutorials, especially if you're going to develop mods. With that said, we're happy to point you in the right direction if you feel lost. We just won't do your work for you.
  6. Based off this post, I'm betting on a new world like the nether that allows quick travel between overworld locations. She clearly was referencing the Ways from the Wheel of Time books.
  7. Which linux distro are you using?
  8. FYI, iPods do let you drag and drop if you get a classic or older nano. It's just the iPhone and iTouch that force you to use iTunes. The classic is $250 new for 160GB, and probably cheaper on ebay or craigslist. If you can put up with iTunes, refurbished 64GB iTouches are selling for $230. EDIT: I was thinking of 3rd party program compatibility. You still need to sync it with something, though it doesn't have to be iTunes. The Sandisk players are nice too, and they have microSD slots so you can load different playlists on different cards if you want. A clip+ and a 32GB microSD card are under $100 on Amazon.
  9. I saw this in a gamestop about 5 years ago. It's an old 3rd party N64 controller meant to be used with one hand. You strap it to your arm and the joint in the wrist acts like an analog stick. Add a N64 controller to USB adapter and a program like joytokey or xpadder and you're good to go. Unfortunately they're pricey on ebay right now.
  10. I use jd-gui. Other options are JAD and fernflower (both command line programs).
  11. Try decompiling TekkitRestrict. I found this in /a/a/a/a/a/a.class. Looks like you'll need to import ee.EEMaps, which is most likely a file in the bukkit port on mcportcentral. if ((localHashMap2 = (HashMap)EEMaps.alchemicalValues.get(Integer.valueOf(localj.a))) != null) { localHashMap2.put(Integer.valueOf(i1),Integer.valueOf(Integer.parseInt(paramArrayOfString[4]))); paramCommandSender.add("Temporary EMC set successful!"); EEMaps.alchemicalValues.put(Integer.valueOf(localj.a), localHashMap2); } else { (localHashMap2 = new HashMap()).put(Integer.valueOf(i1),Integer.valueOf(Integer.parseInt(paramArrayOfString[4]))); paramCommandSender.add("Temporary EMC set successful!"); EEMaps.alchemicalValues.put(Integer.valueOf(localj.a), localHashMap2); }
  12. It's not done in Java, but this shows how to render a swf video to a png using gnash.
  13. NEI already has an item subsets menu at the top of the screen. It doesn't include all of the mods in Technic/Tekkit though.
  14. Yes, it's possible. You'll have to fork the Technic Launcher here. @Bright: The launcher downloads Minecraft from Mojang's servers the same way the vanilla launcher does. There's nothing illegal about it or Jamie's idea. EDIT: ninja'd