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Protest against EE3


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I protest the update!!!!!

in the minecraft forums, I posted this a few months ago. Enjoy:

I think they should update EE2. I think what you could do in EE2 is fair. First of all, swiftwolf's rending gale requires fuel to work, so it is more of a jet-pack, except the fact that it is a ring. That is just what I used as an example for the other rings. If they need fuel to work, they are nothing but mini-machines of a fair magic. As for things such as the Ring of Arcana, if you don't like it, don't craft it. You just use what you think is fair. Machines such as the energy condenser are fair in my opinion. It is just like going to a market and getting something after trading in things that are of an equal value. It is not called Equivalent Exchange for no reason. It is not exactly 'dirt to diamonds'. It is more like '8,192 dirt to 1 diamond'. in the time it would take to mine all of that dirt, you could have found a whole underground vein of diamond ore. Either way, it is hard work to get a diamond. Searching for diamond underground, or mining 128 STACKS of dirt. I think it is more profitable to search underground. As for Tungsten, it is More than Twice as rare as diamond, so it is actually more than fair to get 2 diamonds from it. And that is why I think they should update Equivalent Exchange 2.


This was posted by me in http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1540010-equivalent-exchange-3-pre1h/page__st__3420

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