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How do i limit the ammount of nether ore?

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You can disable Macerator recipes in NetherOres.cfg. That will make them only usable in furnaces, where they don't get doubled.

Go to AppData/Roaming/.techniclauncher/(modpackhere)/config to find NetherOres.cfg.

So if I were to do this in Technic, I'd go to .techniclauncher/technicssp/config/NetherOres.cfg and set EnableMaceratorRecipes to =false.

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i guess i forgot to mention that i am running a server. although that is a great idea and i did find where i would do that but i just dont want players spending loads of hours , blowing up and burning in lava to find out that they cant mac diamonds. i have seen them limited on other servers. just curious how they did it.

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