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How to power a macerator?

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Hello. I'm having some problems powering my macerator. I have normal solar panels (Not Low Voltage, the tier below it) and I can't figure out how to power the macerator.

Do you put the fibre cables below, to the side, the top, what? Any tips would be awesome!


-SWG, an avid tekkiter player thingy! :P

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You need to run the solar panels into a battbox, MFE, or MFSU. Then you run cables to the machine. If you are going to set up a factory type auto loading/unloading system for the macerator, then you want the top and side open for pipes. I run power into the back of the machines, but that's just preference. Some people run them underneath because they like to hide the wiring. Good luck. :)

Edited to add: If you use and MFE or MFSU then make sure you put Transformer upgrades in the machines, or you can use transformers. Otherwise, boom.

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