Tekkit-lite mod for event listener PAYING

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I want ask if someone can create server side mod for tekkit-lite 1.4.7 Official modpack for me. 

All what it need to do is print block break event to console at that stage I can write myself what I need I just really dont know how make mod  because I keep getting error at server startup. 

I know this is really old modpack but I want keep my server up and fix some bugs. I already got bukkit plugin done and fixed alot of bugs on tekkit but in bukkit plugin I cant catch block break event from modpack machine like quarry, block breaker etc... I atleast think this mod can solve my problem and I can track with that all event what I cant on bukkit plugin. If Im wrong then Im really sorry.

I can pay 20+usd through paypal if someone can help me with this.


Skype: deman741

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