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Bundled Cables don't work for some reason, is there some kind of range mechanism?

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So I set out a layout of 2 bundled cables for a nuclear power plant. I wire everything up and the command panel works, the signals reach the nuclear reactor and timer feeding it ice and the spliter cables, but I set up a cable to the MFSU accumulator and I used some redstone as a transition between the mfsu and blue cable that hooks up to the bundledcable so that it would turn the reactor off and turn on a red lamp telling me that the mfsu is full. The mfsu transmitted the redstone signal through the redstone and into the blue cable. The signal reaches the bundled cable but it doesn't reach the reactor or the lamp. Do bundled cables have a certain range? I made sure that the cable isn't split but it still doesn't work. Anyone have any ideas?

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